1. Format: The contest is free to enter. One entry per person. Each player will select one horse for every race at Hastings during September. Entries must be submitted before the post time of the first race of the day. Once entries have been received no changes can be made.
  2. Scoring: Players will score points based on the $2 W-P-S payout. For every dollar their selection earns they will receive a point, eg, if a participant has chosen number 1 in a race and it finishes second paying $3 for the place and $2 for the show, they will receive the combined show and place payout and earn a total of 5 points for that race.
  3. Scratches: If a player chooses a horse that is scratched, their selection will be replaced with the post time favorite.
  4. Eligibility: Players must be over the age of 19 years old by September 1, 2018 to participate. Only residents of British Columbia are eligible to win prizes.
  5. Prizes: The player who finishes with the most points at the end of October will win a  $200 free bet. The player who scores the most points on each race day will receive a $25 free bet to be used on a Hastings race. To receive free bets players must have a HPI account. Funds will be deposited into the winning players HPI account within 3 business days.
  6. Ties: If there is a tie for first place at the end of October the prize money will be split equally among all winners. If there is a tie for the most points on any race day then the prize winner will be divided between the winners.